Our Story

As a group of dentists with a passion for all things health and well-being in our own lives, we embarked on this journey of discovery into the less “conventional’’ fields of our craft.

Along our treks, we found that far from being unconventional, Holistic dentistry, Biological dentistry, Functional Dentistry, Integrative Dentistry, whatever one wishes to call it is laden with wisdom beyond the bounds of our University Education.

We discovered that this movement, was not new but decades old and that we were not alone in our journey to learn more about Mouth-body Interface. However, we may not be alone on our journey to broaden our horizons, but we certainly were not connected. Each holistic practitioner across this continent operating in isolated pockets. On our travels we noted distances that needed to be travelled across the globe to seek this knowledge.

It is these pot-holes in the road that prompted us to organise this Summit. A summit organised from the heart, in hope of expanding our knowledge and yours. In hope of meeting other of like-mind. In hope of seeing how others practice in this field differently to us.

We hope that this Summit enriches your Holistic Dentistry Journey, as much as we are certain it will enrich ours.

Course Oganisers and Speakers